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Emergency Room Monitor

The Emergency Room Monitor allows you to consult in real time the overcrowding status of the emergency departments of Sardinia.

For the Emergency room you can view the following information:
    • Number of patients visiting, divided by color code
    • Number of patients arriving from 118, distinguished by color code
    • Number of patients waiting to visit, divided by color code
    • Maximum waiting time for the current visit for the green and white codes
    • Estimated waiting times for new accesses with green and white codes

A Monitor page will show you the location of the emergency room facilities on the Sardinia map, identifying those closest to you, each with their respective waiting times, distance and duration of the route. It will also be possible to generate the route to follow by car or on foot to reach the selected Emergency Department.

You can search for emergency rooms of interest to:
    • Large urban area (Cagliari and Sassari)
    • Healthcare company
    • Proximity to your position

To start, select an item from the menu on the left.
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